Syrup Castle


37: Near the end of the first room are carnivorous plants. Fly or Charge into them from the side and they won't hurt you. The same goes for the scythes hanging from the ceiling in 38 and 39.

Required hat: Non-Baby38: In the first room, make sure the blocks are in the top half of the screen. Open the face blocks. You shouldn't be able to get the treasures from them, but you can: stand to the right of one, duck and jump into the corner of the treasure.

38: In the first room, climb down the ladder and make your way to the right side of the room. Walk back left to the ladder, and a new enemy will have appeared. It previously didn't load.

38: In the first room, climb down the ladder. There's a small passageway under the blocks. Ground Pound, then walk against the blocks and hold Forward. You'll start crouching. When the screen stops shaking, you'll start walking normally, until you release Forward.

40: Save at the save point, complete the game, then enter the level again. Usually, when you start a game from a save point, you have a Normal hat, but now you'll have the same hat as when you completed the game.

Silly challenges

38: In the third room (with the two Droppers), get the 61st coin.