Stove Canyon


Required hat: Bull

22: Find the highest platform with a Duck on it. Stand on the platform to the left of it, and wait until the Duck prepares to throw its boomerang. Press B and then A to Bull Charge into the air and against the Duck. The screen will temporarily scroll up.

23: Stand next to a car and fly or Charge into it. You'll hop up a few pixels.

Required hat: Jet

24: On the upper floor there are three portals to three separate areas. In the last room of the first one (with the Great Coin), you don't need to hit the switch to be able to go back: simply fly into the block to hop onto the platform. The same goes for entering the rightmost area.

Silly challenges

22: Find the part of the course shown by the screenshot. Break the blocks without letting the bridge fall.

Required hat: Jet24: When returning from the leftmost of the three passages, crawl through the topmost passageway and fly onto the rightmost platform without falling down first.

24: Get all treasures and blocks, switching the toggle block at most once.

Have you noticed?

Throwing an enemy into a fireball kills it.

24: As soon as you open the face block that contains the key, a third bomb will appear in the room.

25: You can get a coin from one of the rocks from the Big Head by Charging into it.