Sherbet Land


Required hat: Jet14: Walking over the unstable bridges as Jet Wario does not make all bits of the bridge fall.

15: In the second room, climb down two ladders to reach the conveyor belt. Stand on it and hold Up. As soon as you touch the ladder, you'll start climbing it, but you'll continue going left.

Required hat: Baby

15: Find the room with the toggle block, near the standard exit, and toggle it once to switch off the blocks in the previous room. Enter the portal back to the previous room and hold Left, collecting and pushing the Dangerous Ducks towards the exit. The skull covering the exit will have disappeared, and you can enter it without paying a Gold Coin.

17: In the room behind the first portal, there are Rats that throw knives at you. When they get stuck in the wall and you climb up the ladder over them, you 'skip' a few pixels.

19: When entering the room with the spiky spears underwater, notice how the spear nearest you disappears as it leaves the bottom of the screen. Jump when it's disappeared, and it won't return until you leave and return to this part of the room.

19: The giant hearts that appear after defeating the Penguin often appear to have chunks out of them.

Silly challenges

Required hat: Baby15: In the first room, enter the small crevices and kill the enemies by making them get stuck in the ceiling and walls.

Required hat: Jet

15: Find the Pouncer near the portal to the third room. Fly over it just as it goes up, and it will push you up a bit.

Required hat: Non-Baby15: Toggle the toggle block near the hidden exit. The conveyor belt will carry you left, but you can't move while the screen is still shaking.

17: In the room behind the first portal, climb up the ladder all the way to the top without entering the portal.

Have you noticed?

19: Throwing a Gold Coin at the Penguin will cause him to lose his spike crown.