In most rooms, if you jump up out of the screen, the game doesn't scroll up with you until you land on some platform. However, if you duck while doing this, the game won't scroll until you release Down and unduck. You can use this to get into some nasty but very interesting bugs: if you manage to jump two screens up, ducking all the time, then release Down to unduck, the game will scroll up only one screen instead of two and get seriously confused. What follows is three courses in which you can do this. Note that often when this would be possible in a room, the room is fully scrolling instead of screen-by-screen.

Required hat: Jet

15: Hit the toggle block to make the steps to the hidden exit appear. Duck, and hold Down all the time. Climb up the steps and crawl left until you can't go further. You are now standing at the foot of the ladder. Jump again and at the highest point release Down and press Up. You will be climbing the ladder. Climb down. Bug! Go down the steps for some really weird effects. Repeat this bug for even weirder effects. Extra: notice that you while you're crawling you don't collide with the D.D. that is up there. Climb up the steps while ducking and holding the D.D. Go left until you can't go any further, so you're at the base of the ladder again. Make sure you're facing left, then release Down. The D.D. will be stuck in the wall and die.

23: Find the spring-up near the exit. Duck and jump onto it. Notice how the screen won't scroll up until you release Down (which you shouldn't do). Now crawl right and you'll hit another spring-up, and again, the game should scroll up but it doesn't cos you're still ducking. Now release Down, and instead of scrolling up two screens, the game scrolls up only one. (Hold right while going up the second time and you'll stand over the exit gate. Release Down to hear a funny sound.) Have fun from here. A suggestion: fall down two screens and go to where normally the exit would be. Enter the exit. Try to get back in the normal level. :-) Another suggestion: enter the secret exit, and it will be as if you entered the normal one.

Required hat: Jet

29: In the second room, there are two ladders you can climb by just jumping up. Do this while ducking and you'll get into a bug state again. You'll be totally stuck since you can't enter the portals anymore.