Rice Beach


02: Go to the room behind the first portal, with the slime on the ground. When reaching the third slime, you'll hear a Dropper fall in the room below. Climb down the ladder, and the Dropper will be gone. Walk to the left side of the floor, then back to the right, and the Dropper will have reappeared. There are more Droppers in this room which you can hear falling from another floor.

03a: You're not supposed to be able to reach the secret exit yet in this level, but you can. In the last room, jump out of the last quicksand wave at exactly the right height. Hold Up, A and Right, and when timed correctly, you'll end up on the wall above the normal exit. This takes a little practice.

05: Go to the last portal in the second room. Wait until the Pouncer crashes into the floor, then enter the portal while the room is shaking. The glowing spike balls in this room will be slightly off-center.

Required hat: Bull

05: Go to the third room. Notice how the spike balls fall to the floor when you Ground Pound. Use this to get both balls on the same tile, so that one appears to be over the other. They are still two balls now: if you kill them with a Gold Coin, you will get two hearts. Now enter a portal, then return to the room. The two balls will have become one: kill it with a Gold Coin and you'll get only one heart.

Silly challenges

03a: Fall onto an enemy in the quicksand.

03a: There are a few quicksand pits before the portal to the last area. Throw an enemy into the before-last one, then take the stairs down. You will see the enemy voluntarily walk into the pincers.

03b: Get the hard-to-reach coin under the block. You don't need to be Baby Wario for this.

03b: At the second (hidden) exit, pick up the enemy and stand on top of the wall. Throw it down at the exit gate, and the enemy will bounce several times before dying.

05: In the last room before the boss, capture one or more Penkoons in the 'cage' of blocks.