Parsely Woods


31: Sometimes when you go through the level backwards, you can hear the big spiky boulders 'dying'.

33: Duck and jump onto the save point (make sure you're positioned exactly centered with the save point). You'll be able to jump through the ceiling. Entering weird bug. If you walk out of the screen then turn around and wait, the screen will focus on Wario again. If you walk all the way to the right and hold up, you won't hold up your hand like you normally would. Hold a Gold Coin and walk against the wall. The coin will disappear. Do the turn around trick three times: on the right side, left side, then right again. A vertical grey line will appear.

34: In the third room, pickup the Jet Hat. From there, fly to the right and hug the right edge of the screen until you disappear into it. If you've gone far enough into the wall, you will land on some floor instead of fall to death. Press Left briefly to turn around and the game will scroll to the right, revealing you. You will have ended up in this course's treasure room (or on its left wall if you didn't go far enough right), but the room's tileset will be messed up. You can still see the portal at its usual place; enter it to exit this bug and resume normal play.

Required hat: Jet

35: In the first room, stand on the train cart, jump high and fly left. You will fly out of the level and enter a weird buggy state, ending up in another part of the level with all the tiles confused.

35: Duck and jump onto the save point. You'll get hopelessly stuck. Make sure you're exactly centered with the save point to get this to work.

Silly challenges

31a: Swim into the small crevice between the abyss and the rock.

34: In the last room, get a coin out of the Duck.

34: In the treasure room, open the treasure gate while climbing the ladder.

Have you noticed?

34: In the third room, throw an enemy into the abyss. Notice the stars. This usually doesn't happen when an enemy falls into the abyss.