Mt. Teapot


08: In the first room, stand on the ground in the water and hold Right. The current will take you left. Now find a platform that is partly in the water and enter the water while holding Right against the platform. This time the current won't take you.

08: In the room with the save point, climb up to the top portal without touching any coins, bombs or blocks. The bomb that is normally near the top portal won't have appeared.

Required hat: Jet08: In the room with the save point, conjure a Gold Coin and get rid of it (pick it up if you like). Pick up a bomb and go through the portal before it explodes. You'll be holding a Gold Coin now. Get rid of it (pick it up if you like) and go back through the portal. The bomb will be stuck in the wall. Hold Right, fly into the wall and hold A before you land on the ground. You'll pick up the bomb from the wall. Enter the portal for another Gold Coin. Repeat as often as you like.

Silly challenges

07: As soon as you enter the level, walk right, pick up the bomb and immediately throw it away into the water. It will kill the Pinwheel.

Required hat: Jet

07: Go to the part of the first room where you swim through the narrow passageways. Find the face block with a heart in it, past two cracked blocks. Stand on the face block, face left, and jump up. When you're at your highest point, fly into the left wall, then immediately press and hold Right. When timed correctly, you will end up on the right wall.

08: In the room after the save room, just stand and wait. The pelican will throw a bomb at you and it will end up in the water, killing the Helmut.

08: In the last room, there's a ceiling directly above the right side of the ledge near the standard exit. Try to jump off of it instead of falling from it.

08: In the last room, let a Rat throw a knife into the right wall. Reach the hidden exit by jumping on top of the stuck knife, then jumping on top of the hidden ledge.

Required hat: Non-Baby09: Try to kill the Helmuts in the first room by holding a Gold Coin and bumping into them.

Required hat: Baby09: Try to kill the Helmuts in the first room by swimming under them.

09: In the second room, kill the Pinwheel by throwing a Gold Coin at it from outside the water.

09: With the key in your hand, enter the hidden portal that leads to the room with the treasure gate, facing right. Tap B twice, then hold Up. You will throw the key to the right, start flying, pick up the key again, open the treasure gate, land exactly over the treasure gate and enter it.

13: In the room with the Pouncer, quickly break the two first blocks and wait. The Pouncer will turn right and you'll be able to explore the rest of the room without being chased by it. If you're Jet Wario, you can jump up and fly into the wall to get high enough to get on top of the next platform. Or stand on the Pouncer as he goes right and jump up. If you break only one of the blocks, the Pouncer will still move right.

13: In the room with the Pouncer, get all the face blocks and coins and break all blocks. Hint: use the 16x Select cheat.

The Bull

Pick up the Bull and stand in the center of the platform. After a second, the Bull will jump out of your hands on top of you and you'll pick him up again. Repeat as much as you want.

Required hat: DragonBreathe fire on the Bull and it will suspend in mid-air.

Required hat: BullLet the Bull pick you up while you're in mid-air holding Down.