Required hat: Jet

Tap B to stop flying while you're over a ladder. You will end up standing on it. If you do this with a ladder that reaches to the ceiling and stand on it as high as possible, you will end up with your head in the ceiling. Tap Left or Right and you will duck on the ladder. See also courses 7 31 37 38.

If toggling a toggle block causes a ladder to appear, toggling it again won't make the ladder disappear. See also courses 18.

There seem to be two kinds of ladders; one where you fall down if you jump on top of it, and one where you don't.

If a platform ends at a ladder that goes both up and down, you'll be able to walk onto the ladder from the platform, without falling down. Now jump a bit and you will start falling down. With some ladders, you can do this even when you're standing on top of the ladder (in course 17 for example: the ladder in the room behind the first portal).

Conveyor belts

While standing on a conveyor belt, fly away or Bull Charge in the direction of the belt. You will move faster than normal. Fly or charge in the opposite direction, and you'll move slower than normal.

Stand still on a conveyor belt, and when you're about to fall off, start walking back onto the belt. Your feet will be moving very fast. This requires precise timing.


Approach a Dropper when it's half in the wall and it will die.

Find a flashing platform and drop an enemy onto it. When the platform disappears, the enemy will fall down. Pause when the enemy is over the platform, then unpause when the platform has become solid again. The enemy will die.

Kill an enemy and it will fly away from the room or fall down through the ground. Leave the room through a portal before the enemy has left the screen, then come back. The enemy will be alive again. If the enemy is stuck in a wall, it will die again instantly, earning you another Heart Point. Repeat this as often as you like. Because an enemy goes up a bit before falling down, you can make it go arbitrary heights by leaving the room every time when the enemy is at its highest point.

Sometimes Moles miss their morningstar.

You can get a Gold Coin out of the nervous bugs that fly away as you approach. Approach them by crawling towards them, then jump on them.

Letting a Helmut fall on top of you will kill it. Make sure you're flying while it falls on top of you, and you'll get a coin from it.

Time the opening of a gate so that a stunned enemy awakes while the gate is opening, so that it is stunned again right away.

Find a place where there is exactly two blocks of space between the ground of the ceiling. In this place, duck then jump onto an enemy twice. It will die.

Treasure rooms

Try to pick up a treasure from a treasure chest while holding a Gold Coin.

Required hat: Bull

In a treasure room, open the chest and Ground Pound. Pick up the treasure before the shaking ends and you'll be able to move around with it. It will act like a picked up enemy: you drop it if it collides with a wall or ceiling. You can't throw it, however. If you drop it, you can pick it back up or Ground Pound, Charge into it or Breath Fire on it to kill it before it 'wakes up' (like a normal enemy would). If you're holding a Gold Coin when you pick it back up, the treasure will die and you won't be able to throw away the Coin until you go back through the portal. More fun stuff: hold a Gold Coin while you grab the treasure from the chest and you'll be carrying both the Gold Coin and the treasure. Let it collide with a wall or the chest and you'll drop both the Coin and the treasure.

Stand on top of the side of a treasure chest. Bash to open the chest and pick up the treasure before it's fully risen. The treasure will die and you will receive one heart for it. If you duck while you pick up the treasure so it dies, the treasure will be a few pixels lower when you're in the trophy room. If you hold a Gold Coin while you pick up the treasure so it dies, you'll drop the Gold Coin.

Open a treasure chest and use the 16x Select Cheat to turn into Baby Wario. Pick up the treasure and you'll appear to be Regular Wario as you store the treasure in the Trophy Room.

When entering a treasure room, the lid of the chest does not appear until the room has completely faded in.

Required hat: BullGround Pound in a treasure room and the lid of the chest won't shake.


When you enter a boss' room and the game freezes, pause the game and wait about 10 seconds. Unpause, and you'll be able to move for a limited amount of time.

Set off a bomb and move away so it leaves the screen before it explodes. It won't explode until it appears back in the screen. Go far away enough or go through a portal and it will reset.

Have you noticed?

You can climb onto a barely-watered piece of ground without leaving midswim mode.

Coins fall through opened blocks, even the coin wasn't from that particular block.

The sound right after unpausing the game?

Holding Up at a portal will cause you to repeatedly go back and forth?

Holding Up while leaving the ground will give you a greater horizontal speed. This means that going through an area while jumping and holding Up will make you move faster.

You can stand on the knives thrown by the rats once they're stuck in the wall. You can use this in course 8, in the last room, to reach the hidden exit if you're not Jet Wario.

Throwing a heavy enemy against a wall will kill it?

Tiles with a coin floating on them are always a solid colour. Tiles with water surface on them never have a coin on them. (See Course 1 for an example.)

If you save at a save point, the game won't actually save until you die. Turn off the GameBoy before you die and you'll restart at the beginning of the course. Die before you turn the GameBoy off and you'll restart from the save point.

If a course has two closed exit gates, opening one will also open the other.

You can't get a coin out of a Bird.

You won't glide on ice if you duck.

Throwing an enemy at a closed gate will kill it.

Wario will lower his hands after a second, unless he's in quicksand.

Bumping against an underwater Gate or Helmut from the left has a different effect than bumping against it from the right.

You can't enter standing state on an underwater Gate.

Moving around in water as Dragon Wario causes his 'flipper' on the back of his head to move.

Touching an opened block from the right side side causes Wario to pick up the item, while touching it from the left side doesn't.

Silly challenges

Unlock an exit gate by standing next to it and pressing Up+B to conjure a coin. The game will freeze right at the moment that Wario's hand is in mid-air.

Required hat: BabyOpen a garlic block, hop on top of it and pause the game before Wario picks it up. Use the 16x Select cheat to change from baby Wario into normal Wario, and when you unpause you will go from Baby to Regular to Bull.

Drop an enemy under a Pouncer.

Kill a Penkoon's spike ball with an enemy or a Gold Coin.

Duck then jump against a !-block. Release duck as soon as you hit it.

When finishing a level with a custom ending (that is, without a standard exit gate), use the 16x Select cheat to change hats right before you freeze.

While jumping and holding A, throw an enemy at a gate.

Duck and jump into a breakable block, then release Down as your head hits the block. Try the same with two adjacent blocks at the same time.

Find a breakable or openable block underwater and jump into it while an enemy is walking on top of it.

Required hat: DragonWhile throwing flames, pick up an enemy and throw it down.

Enter an exit gate while holding an enemy or Gold Coin.

Learn to enter an exit gate at such a time that when the game freezes, the eyes in the gate are at their brightest.

In a boss room, after having defeated the boss, jump into the water/chasm that would normally kill you.

Required hat: JetThrow a Gold Coin at the exit and fly towards the exit. Time it so that the exit opens and the game freezes when the exit gate has just pushed you away.