Bull Wario

Ground Pound, then start climbing a ladder, but release all buttons before the shaking ends. Wario will reset to standing state.

Ground Pound, hold Forward and tap B to Bull Charge. Make sure you're still holding Forward when the shaking ends, and Wario will reset to walking state, but is unable to Bull Charge. Walk into an enemy and you'll Bull Charge automatically.

Hold up while breaking a block from the bottom side and you'll hear the *cling* from attaching your horns in the ceiling, but the block will break and you'll fall down.

Duck, then jump up against the ceiling. When you touch the ceiling, release Down and immediately hold Up. Wario will be suspended half in the ceiling. This also works as other Non-Baby hats, but you won't stay attached.

Jet Wario

Jump slightly and then fly. You'll be able to fly 1/4 through the ceiling. Jump just out of the water and fly. You'll fly at full speed, even though Wario is still for a large part in the water. You can combine these two things in Course 9, third room: jump just out of the water and fly at full speed under the wall while being underwater! Takes some practice to time it right.

When flying, before enter Landing state, quickly tap B twice. When timed correctly, you won't lose altitude and can fly arbitrary distances.

Hold up while pressing B to stop a flight exactly at a portal. You'll continue to hear the flight sound, even though you're not flying anymore.

Find a Large Block that is partly underwater (courses 07 and 19). Fly against it so that Wario is as low as possible. If you fly past the block, you were too low. If you bounce off the block, you were too high. If you did it right, the block will open and you'll smash up into the ceiling and get stuck.

While flying, press Backward and B simultaneously and you'll enter landing mode.

Dragon Wario

Dragon Wario's flame gets watery based on whether wario is in swimming mode, not based on whether the flame is in the water.