Graphical glitches

Required hat: Jet

15: Face left, jump as high as possible and fly, bumping into the wall. The game will scroll up and you'll appear in climbing state until the scrolling finishes. A similar ladder can be found in course 29.

As Jet, Normal or Bull Wario, after just having bashed against the wall, land on a gate, save point, lava platform or train cart and you will 'hop' as you land.

Stand on the ground underwater and use the 16x Select cheat to change hats. You will appear to be swimming.

In an fully scrolling room, the objects are always one pixel behind if the screen moves.

Jump up over a save point. You will 'skip' a few pixels. Fly over a save point at the right height. You'll move up a few pixels. If you jump up over a save point with a very low ceiling above it, you will end up on the save point, half in the ceiling.

Find an object which you can bounce off, such as an Exit Gate. Hold Down and Forward to crawl up against it, bounce off and... appear to be swimming? While you're 'swimming', change direction and swim away from the gate to swim a while longer.

A portal always has two grey corners around it, even if the background of the level is white.

Jet Wario and Dragon Wario's flames are never visible when the game is paused.