The 16x Select Cheat

The 16x Select cheat works as follows: Pause the game, then hit Select 16 times in a row. A blinking cursor will appear in the bottom row of statistics. Hold B and use the arrow buttons to move the cursor and increase/decrease the number. Simply hit Start again to unpause the game and resume the game normally. If you hit Select one more time while the cursor is blinking, it will disappear. If you hold A and B at the same time while the cursor is blinking, you'll be able to move the cursor to the Wario icon all the way on the left. The cursor will get stuck there. If you then unpause the game, Wario will change hats. The hats go in a cycle: Baby, Normal, Bull, Jet, Dragon, Baby, and so on.

Arbitrary Heights

The trick is now that using this cheat to change hats resets Wario to Standing mode, allowing you to jump up as if you were standing on the ground. Try it: Move the cursor to the Wario icon, hold A (or Up and A), then unpause the game. You'll jump up. Pause the game again while you're at your apex, and repeat to jump even higher. You can jump arbitrarily high this way.

Most levels do not have a physical ceiling that limit how high you can jump. This means that you can actually scale walls and jump onto them, then walk out of the course's bounds, entering all kinds of weird bugs. For example, have you ever wondered where the Pouncer goes in course 4 when it leaves the room?

Now you can find out: clear the way to the portal so the Pouncer can go through, then go back to the lava. Use the cheat to jump up and right onto the ceiling, then walk right to find a patch lava, and the Pouncer will be caught in a dead-end.

If you're hit in mid-air or if you fly or bash into a wall, you'll start falling and you won't be able to use the 16x Select cheat to jump up.

Fast Music

In any level, pause the game as it hits 100 seconds of time remaining. The music will have started to play faster. Use the 16x Select cheat to change the time into something higher than 100 seconds, and the music will continue to play faster, even though you have plenty of time again.