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Posted on Thursday, 26 June 2008 at 08:08.

I just read that Nintendo is releasing another Wario Land game. It’s been way too long! Super Mario Land: Wario Land (see my bug guide) was one of the first two games for the GameBoy I received over 10 years ago. That one and Wario Land 4 were great games; number 2 and 3 were even more awesome. I hope the new one will rock as well. From the article:

As revealed yesterday in Nintendo Europe’s lineup dispatch, Wario Land is being revived after laying dormant since 2001′s Wario Land 4 for the Game Boy Advance. Available for the Wii on September 29, Wario Land: Shake It! continues with the franchise’s side-scrolling platformer gameplay. Players will be able follow the game title’s advice and shake it to attack enemies, open loot, and create earthquakes.

Then there’s the hype about what is now known as Hanny’s Voorwerp. Funny how a Dutch phrase suddenly becomes to popular. What started on Galaxy Zoo has now been discussed on Slashdot and featured on Astronomy Picture of the Day.

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