Posted on Sunday, 04 March 2007 at 12:44.


Yesterday there was a total lunar eclipse. I was outside with my camera, trying to take pictures, but it was very difficult: to see something on the picture, I needed very slow shutter speeds, and since the lens is heavy and my tripod rather fragile, the opening of the shutter caused the camera to move slightly, which is devastating when you’re working with a 300 mm lens. Above is one of the better results.

Friday was the first day at work in a long while. I helped Arne set up SVN, then had a meeting with Bram, Kim and Timon. In the afternoon I went downtown Utrecht to see Niki. We had something to drink, then had dinner in Taj Mahal, an Indian restaurant, then went to Tivoli De Helling to see Rapalje, a Dutch band that makes what they call Celtic Folk Music, with bagpipes and violin and flutes and harmonicas and all. In general very happy music, with the audience dancing and singing and throwing their legs into the air.

This Wednesday I’m seeing Joris, a former colleague, and on Friday I’ll get my first driving lesson! Looking forward to that.

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