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Posted on Sunday, 25 February 2007 at 16:01.


Porto Campanhã station at 8:30 in the morning

On Friday morning, Tita and I got up at 5:30. After some last packing and a quick breakfast, Tita called a taxi and off to Braga train station we went. The 6:40 train to Porto Campanhã, then the subway to the airport. There was a small problem while checking in my baggage: it took the guy a while to find my name in the system, because I’d entered it as “v. Steenbergen” instead of “van Steenbergen”, because the latter was too long for TAP’s website form. Grumble. Even though my baggage was 4 kg too heavy, there was no problem, and soon I had my ticket.

We still had about an hour left, so we had some tea, and then said goodbye. :-( I think the plane left about 15 minutes late, but the flight itself went without trouble, and at Schiphol airport two loving parents were waiting for me. The roads were extremely busy, so it took quite a while before we got near Utrecht. We stopped in Nieuwegein for some shopping, where I bought a fresh stroopwafel from a guy who had been making stroopwafels for the last 30 years. It was interesting cos he made it on the spot: brown dough in a grill for a minute, cut it open with a knife, put stroop on one half, then paste the other half on top and voilà. Yumminess.

Right now we’re two nights later and I’ve had quite some sleep, catching up on the last week. I feel okay. Been busy finding out my course schedule, arranging meetings with teachers to discuss how I will catch up on the last three weeks of lectures I missed and what my plans for the rest of my Masters program are. Already have some concerts scheduled (After Forever, Epica, Genesis), and I’m meeting with Niki this Friday night.

Back to life in Holland. :-)

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