Art School Confidential

Posted on Thursday, 15 February 2007 at 22:47.

Cool! Jelle is in Hong Kong and keeps a weblog. Have lots of fun there, Jelle.

A few days ago my headphones suddenly started acting weird: the right bud had more volume than the left one. Turned out the sound balance was skewed. But I never tweak with it. Then I found this Apple article. But I’m running 10.4.8. Hrm.

Yesterday Tita came over and we watched Art School Confidential. In general, a very nice movie. Nothing overly complicated. A bit of drama, but nothing serious. Mostly a movie to watch onderuitgezakt in de bank. My only complaint is that the ending was a horribly abrupt nonsensical anticlimax.

Speaking of movies, some have some pretty stupid mistakes. Borat, for example, is supposedly from a Kazakh village, but in a scene early in the movie, they speak Romanian. Go figure. (Thanks to Aura and Oana for spotting this.) And in the introduction movie of Germany in EuroTrip, they show a sign that reads “automatische afsluiting”, which is Dutch, and not German. IMDB actually lists this mistake.

Went to university today to talk to João Saraiva, my coordinator here. If I finish my projects, stuff will take care of itself; I won’t have to do anything else. He’s currently busy with the organisation of ETAPS 2007 and is going on a one-year sabbatical when that’s over, probably to Brazil. We shook hands, then said goodbye.

While most Erasmus students are going back home, new ones are arriving: last week, a scary Slovakian girl arrived who is constantly winking at me. She gives me the creeps. Today two Greek girls arrived, one of which is my new neighbour. They’re very friendly, and to be honest I like the fact they’re Greek; I’ve never met Greek people yet.

Marc packed today and is spending his last days in another apartment; GRI won’t let him stay in his room any longer (the other Greek girl is moving into his room tomorrow). I can stay until Monday morning 9:00. I think I’ll move out Sunday evening. I’ll be spending the last nights at Sabina’s apartment. That is, where Sabina stayed before she went back to Poland. Since I won’t have internet access there and the apartment is close to university, I’ll probably be spending a lot of time in the library. I went over the checklist with Conceição and Fatima, to make sure everything in my room was okay. Tomorrow I’ll go to social services, get my 50 euro deposit back, and hopefully not pay too much for electricity. The month’s rent covers for basic use of electricity, but Marc used so much with his heater that he had to pay a whopping 100 euros. I haven’t used my heater nearly as much as Marc, but still… Ah well, vamos ver.


By Sean Curley on Friday, 16 February 2007 at 16:27:

Hi Martijn,

I was wondering if there were any release notes showing what’s new between the releases of your Quorridor game.

Thank you,

Sean Curley

By Martijn on Saturday, 17 February 2007 at 16:16:

Hi Sean,

I’ll send you an email. :-)


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