Family over—Part 2

Posted on Sunday, 07 January 2007 at 13:23.

Monday — Last night had been colder than other nights, and my feeling that the weather would be better came true. Still overcast in the morning, but in the afternoon the sun broke through and we walked through empty Braga in the sun. Empty, because it was the first day of the year and everything was closed. We still managed to find an open bar to have some coffee. I was hoping I could show my family some more stuff, but just the cathedral had to do. Then we went to Bom Jesus, and as always it was very pretty (with good weather, that is). Dinner in Bem Cozinhado, Souto.

Tuesday — A long detour to Guimarães, even featuring an unintended hour-long cycle. Beautiful nature along the way, especially in the mountainous part. Since we’d left kinda late, we had less than an hour of light left when we entered Portugal’s oldest castle. Afterwards some souvenir shopping, and a trip through the centre, which was very nice, with many people and many lights. Back home over the big road this time (and fortunately no cycles), and dinner again in O Vaticano.

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