So this is Christmas…

Posted on Thursday, 28 December 2006 at 02:01.

So this is Christmas: a beautiful clear blue sky, far away from my family, instead with a couple of friends.

In the afternoon of the 24th Marc and I left Santa Tecla to go to Lloyd Braga to pick up Oana, then continued to Sabina’s where we were going to make/have dinner. In the end, we were about 30 people, all chatting and eating and having a very good time. Marc and I made an oven dish with potatoes, leeks, minced meat, mushrooms, paprika and dried tomatoes, with a layer of sauce and cheese on top. The Lithuanians made some ‘potato pancakes’, Bruno and Aura made turkey rolls (mmhm), and David’s parents had made about 5 dishes, mostly salads of sorts. Oana made a very good cake with walnuts, and there was also a lasagna dish.


By Tamar on Thursday, 28 December 2006 at 13:05:

:D Ziet er cool en heel lekker uit :D

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