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Posted on Wednesday, 13 December 2006 at 16:35.

Found an interesting bug in iTunes the other day:

Play a song and wait until the remaining time counter indicates 2 seconds:


At that moment, click anywhere in the time bar to rewind. iTunes then proceeds to continue playing the current song from the track time you moved the diamond thingy to, as well as start the next song in line from the start, mixing them.

If you move the diamond the moment there is 1 second of the song left, iTunes ignores your rewind command and just starts playing the next song immediately, which is also a bug, but a less spectacular one.

Tested in iTunes 7.0.2 (15) on Mac OS X version 10.4.8. If you have another version and/or are running iTunes on another platform, I’m curious if the bug exists in that version as well.

There’s a similar bug on iPods: wait until the song finishes playing, and the moment the remaining time counter hits 0 seconds, press pause. The iPod rewinds to the beginning of the current song instead of the next one. Also, if you try and move the diamond (by pressing the round middle button, then scrolling with the scroll wheel), the diamond jumps back to the beginning of the song, ignoring your fast forward command. Notice that when you resume playing, the diamond momentarily jumps to the time you moved the diamond to initially.

Tested on a 1G iPod Mini running software version 1.4.1. Again, please let me know if this works on different models/versions as well.

Some tidbits:

From theglobeandmail.com: researchers recently found many new species, including a “giant single-cell organism in the Nazare Canyon off Portugal. Protozoans can usually be seen swimming in a drop of water under a microscope. This one, found 4,300 metres beneath the surface, was a centimetre in diameter.” A centimetre! I’d love to see that.

Bruno recommended to me skyscanner.net to search for cheap flights, and db.de to search for European bus/train tickets and routes. Very convenient. Bruno, many thanks. :-)

India: Hole-in-the-Wall — an Indian physicist puts a PC with a high speed internet connection in a wall in the slums and watches what happens.

Tool-assisted Console Game Movies are gameplay movies that have been made using an emulator. They are generally very impressive to watch; check out Super Mario Land 1 in 15 minutes or New Super Mario Bros 1 in 5 minutes for examples.

Some funny maths (thanks, Jesper) and a very impresive and fun talent scout entry (thanks, Lauren).

And finally, a very nice map of the Internet with a very clever Hilbertian fractal layout, from xkcd.com:

Map of the Internet


By arne on Friday, 15 December 2006 at 23:06:

Hier nog meer rare dieren: http://www.stukjewebgebeuren.nl/blog/node/390 :)

By Martijn on Monday, 18 December 2006 at 13:13:

Ja, die had ik gezien. :-) Erg cool.

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