Portuguese Test

Posted on Monday, 04 December 2006 at 17:15.

Tonight I will have a test for the Portuguese language course. Last Thursday I had a presentation for the same course — in Portuguese, of course. It was kinda scary but I think it went okay. I was the first to go, and one of the few that hadn’t written everything I was going to say literally on the slides, so I hope people actually understood what I was trying to say. We all had to say something about a famous person from our country, which is interesting because I think we have about six or seven countries represented in our class. I talked about Princess Maxima. Yes, she’s Argentinian, but she does have a Dutch passport, and it allowed me to show the famous teardrop (skip to 2’50″ and watch for at least 30 seconds). I will probably put the slides online soon. After tonight’s test we’ll go out for dinner with the whole class. Oughta be fun.

Last Thursday I brought my right shoe to the sapataria: a small dark shop on Rua Pedro V run by an old man. Maria suggested I go there, since it’s where she always goes. He took my shoe, gave it a look, then threw it in the corner (literally). When I asked him when I could pick it up, he said “tomorrow afternoon”. But when I came back the next day, it wasn’t finished yet, so today I went there again. He’d fixed the heel and did a pretty good job at it. It cost a whopping EUR 1.50… I wonder if there’s a catch. Maybe he gave me a discount because he was late? I’m glad I can wear something else than my sandals again, cos sandals are fun, but not when it’s raining, and it’s been rather wet lately.

I’ve been not cutting my fingernails for a while now, and they’ve gotten quite long. Yes, this Sunday is going to be great.

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