Changing Weather

Posted on Thursday, 16 November 2006 at 14:21.

Lately the weather has been changing. While it is still sunny by day, as soon as the sun sets it gets so cold your breath becomes visible. Yesterday it started getting very cloudy, and a bit windy too, and at night it rained, finally, after three weeks of beautiful weather. I wonder what the weather the following days will be like.

Besides the temperature, Autumn is quite visible in the trees as well: mostly brown leaves. So to enjoy these Autumn colours while it was still sunny, I went to Bom Jesus again last Saturday in the afternoon, to see the sunset from there.

Other than that I caught a bad cold from which I’m slowly but surely recovering. Maria (the French/Portuguese cleaning lady) brought me some green tea yesterday (the real kind, directly from the shrub in her backyard), and today some plants which smell lemon-like. For good measure she added three limes to add to the tea. I just made some tea of the green tea plant, and it tastes quite yucky, but with the lemony stuff it’s okay. Ish. She assured me it would be good for me, and according to Wikipedia many people agree with her, so I guess I’ll drink it a few times.

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