Posted on Saturday, 04 November 2006 at 16:12.

Marcus et Cornelia in horto ambulant. Cornelia subito serpentem videt et clamat: “Marce! Marce!” Marcus rogat: “Quid est, Cornelia? Cur clamas?” Puella clamat: “Serpentem video!” Marcus rogat: “Ubi serpentem vides?” Cornelia serpentem indicat. Tum puer et puella clamant: “Pater! Pater! Serpentem in horto videmus!” Pater Marcum et Corneliam audit et cito in hortum venit. Rogat: “Ubi serpentem videtis, Marce et Cornelia?” Sed puer et puella serpentem non iam vident; serpens iam procul est.

The first bits of Latin I was taught, back in 1997, by my teacher Leon Herrman.

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