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Posted on Sunday, 29 October 2006 at 11:41.

I am all better, having had proper stoelgang for several days, now. Also, I fixed my MacBook and haven’t had any trouble with it since. Bought an external 250 GB hard disk in the process, so I will be making weekly backups. Plus, it’s been incredibly sunny since Friday: clear blue skies again. You wouldn’t say it’s almost November if it weren’t for the brightly coloured leaves on the trees.

Referring to my previous post, problem #2 (the stuck CD) was fixed the same night. Problem #3 I fixed by reinstalling Mac OS X, as expected. I spent about three hours in Macservice copying my data from my notebook to their brand new iMac that had just been carried into the shop. Then we copied it from the iMac to my newly bought Lacie disk, and at night I reinstalled. There was the option to only reinstall Mac without erasing all users and preferences and so on, so I did that, and it worked perfectly. I didn’t have enough space, so I had to uncheck some of the installation packages, which was only good cos now I have a Mac installation that is about 2 GB smaller than previously. The reinstall preserved my custom applications, as well as left iTunes 7 there instead of installing iTunes 6 over it. Of course, I had to upgrade from 10.4.6 to 10.4.8 again: a 300 MB download. However, after upgrading I could install the Firmware update that supposedly fixes problem #1: the random shutdowns! So, no trip to Porto yesterday. I haven’t had trouble since, despite some CPU-heavy tasks being done. Let’s hope it stays that way.

I found a loja de China which had some pretty weird stuff. For example, I found some hard nipples you can put under your shirt so you have hard nipples permanently. There’s Chinese all over the package, and I found the whole thing so ridicolous that I bought it, thinking, in five years this will make me think back of Braga and smile. :-)

On Friday evening after image processing class I went to Feira Nova, a huge supermarket like Carrefour, to buy something to give on the students in my Portuguese class on Monday, since it’s my birthday today. I’d have bought a cake if there hadn’t been 30+ people in my class, so instead I bought a big pack of various chocolate-y cookies.

Found out that the university’s bar in Santa has some games in a closet, including chess and checkers, because I saw two guys playing. Joined them and played some games of checkers myself against them. Then on Friday night I played chess with two guys: the first one lost, but the second beat me twice in a row. I’m very happy to have found some competition. :-)

It seems that Noddy is very popular in Portugal. I often see Noddy-related magazines in the kiosks, and a while back I even heard two girls sing the tune in the Minipreço. Hrm.

Yesterday, I went to Viana do Castelo with Tomasz and Sabina, both from Poland. Pictures and more details following soon.

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