Arroz doce

Posted on Thursday, 19 October 2006 at 04:15.

After having successfully fried some eggs, I decided to try and make some arroz doce, so on Saturday I set out to the Carrefour, bought some milk, arroz carolino (which according to a friendly lady is the type of rice needed for this dessert), sugar, a lemon and some cinnamon. Also got a nylon spatula so I won’t have to scratch my frying pan any further with metal cutlery.

Back home I started cooking the rice in the milk, simmering until most of the water in the milk had evaporated, but the rice wasn’t done yet so I added some more milk, waited again, then tasted. It had gone all milky and wasn’t very tasty anymore. :-( Next time I’m going to try and cook the rice in water first before putting it in the milk. I won’t give up so easily.

I told my sad tale to my Portuguese teacher Sara, and she promised me she’d ask her mom to make me some arroz doce. Very sweet. :-) However, tonight she told me something had gone wrong with putting the eggs in the arroz, and that it had ruined the pudding… sadness. However! Her mom won’t up so easily, either.

Then on Sunday I bought some pizza from the Minipreço and tried heating it in my frying pan, but the pizza’s crust got burned before the cheese on top even defrosted. Hehe. Fortunately we have a microwave in the kitchen, so I used that until the cheese was bubbling all over my plate, and then I had a really nice piece of pizza. I’d cut the pizza in four parts and put the second part in the microwave right away. A very hot pizza part with a sloppy crust was the result, so I put the part in the pan some more, with again very nice results. So, whenever I want to heat some pizza, I have to use a combination of microwave and frying pan. *nods firmly* What would probably work too is set the boiling plate to 1 instead of MAX, and wait until the pizza has defrosted before heating it in the pan. Ah well, something to try next time. That approach demands a lot more patience, though.

Then on Tuesday the universidade organized a party for all Erasmus students, starting at 19:30h in the universidade’s restaurant, next to the canteen. I think I was half an hour early, and I was the first: the perfect opportunity to take some pictures. Also asked the cooks to pose; one of them spoke French, fortunately. Then later the Tuna band (the university’s band) performed with some happy music.

At around 10 we walked west, to Bar Lip, which I’d heard of (it’s one of the places Caty, my madrinha, suggested I go to), but never been to. I’m glad I went; it’s a very nice place (so thank you again, Caty :-) ); I think we stayed until 2 am or so. Then to BA, which is only 5 doors or so further, where I hoped to play some table football, but the game room was closed, so I went home.

And yesterday I did the laundry for the first time in my life! I’d already bought some detergant the week before (greenish liquidy stuff) and it’d been patiently waiting in my room to be used. I’d been procrastinating, but in the end it wasn’t that hard; all the knobs were ripped out of the washing machine and it was a simple matter of putting laundry in and pressing the On/Off button. Hah. Also did some vacuuming again today, and put fresh linens on my bed, so all feels nice and clean. And now the laundry is drying in my room, spreading a pleasant smell. I’m considering buying lavender-scented softener.

Also lots and lots and lots of rain today; whole rivers of rainwater gushing down the hill.

Finally, some links:

Mmmhm, lavender.


By arne on Thursday, 19 October 2006 at 23:37:

Voor het *eerst* de was gedaan???? Tsk.

Verder was het een gezellig feestje, zo te zien. En iedereen wil zomaar op de foto? Hoe krijg je dat voorelkaar? :)

By Martijn on Friday, 20 October 2006 at 00:55:

Tja, eens moet de eerste keer zijn!

Kweenie… ik hoef er niet zoveel moeite voor te doen. Men poseert graag. Misschien was het de drank?

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