Posted on Saturday, 14 October 2006 at 04:24.

Okay. So I complained about the campus being too grey and concrete-y. I was wrong. I just needed to see the place basked in sunlight.

Yesterday, I arrived an hour early for Cryptography class and still had some reading to do, and while walking through the Informaticá building I stumbled upon this balcony overlooking the campus and a considerable part of Braga, with mountains in the background. The sun was shining brightly, yet the balcony was pleasantly shaded and a gentle breeze made for the pretty much perfect place to sit in and read. So I did.

Today I took my camera to school, and luckily the weather was just as nice as yesterday (clear blue sky!) so I took some pictures of where I’d spent my time reading the day before.

Also, as you can see, I broke one my two Coca Cola glasses. :-( This happened while I was cleaning it; my boiler can’t mix water so I have two taps ending up in my washbasin: one with freezing cold water, the other with boiling hot. I burned my fingers on the boiling hot water, dropped the glass in the basin and *crash* there it was in 14 pieces. *sniffles* Then I suddenly remembered that I’d taken my spare glass to Bruno’s feijoada lunch and forgotten to bring it back. Part of me wanted to run to block A to see if the glass was still there, another part wanted to take pictures of the broken glass first. I figured that checking for the other glass could wait; like checking a quarter of an hour later would change the glass’ being there still, right? So, after some pictures taken (for which I went outside to have more light) I walked to block A, to the kitchen on the first floor, to find (miraculo! miraculo! as Harry Bootsma would have said) it standing in a corner on the countertop! I was happily surprised.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I bought two pans, one of which is a frying pan, so on Wednesday I figured, now I have a frying pan, let’s go fry something. So I bought some egss and fried two of them. For the first time in my life. =) And they tasted quite good, too. I used a knife to scrape some egg from the pan, but the coating inside didn’t like that much so it’s got some very light scratches, so I’m gonna have to buy a special… thing for that, probably made of wood or that flexible black stuff. I found out that rijstebrij is called arroz doce in Portuguese, and Googling for that yielded an English recipe for it on the first page (I was expecting Portuguese only), so I’ll be making that tomorrow, I think, so I get to use my other pan as well. So I use “so” a lot. So?

Besides the two pans I also bought a second poster which I put on the wall on Thursday, using Elena’s tape. I’m so happy with it; every time I look at it it makes me smile. =)

(Warning: movie spoilers start here.)

Then today (or, technically, yesterday…) I went to the movies with Marta (from Poland). We saw Snakes on a Plane, starring Samuel L. Jackson, which is like Flightplan except that not a baby gets lost but aggresive snakes are set loose on a flying plane, and not Jodie Foster saves the day, but Samuel does. The snakes like to bite breasts, penises, tushies, tongues and eyes, and also like to crawl down people’s throats and constrict mean guys and wrap their jaws around mean guys’ heads. Oh, and they’re deadly poisonous of course, and the poison causes nasty skin distortions, too.

Then, when the movie was over and we were walking out of the cinema, I told Marta that I’d never seen two movies in the cinema in a row, and that it’d be cool to do that, and she liked that idea, so we went back to the counter and bought another two tickets, this time for Click. Which was a nice movie, too: it starts out as a comedy, then turns into a drama with a story that made me think about wrong and right and how nice life is, then ends all good (in one of the cheapest ways there is: the guy wakes up and it turned out to be a dream). However, it gets even cheaper: he finds a note which refers to his dream, so it wasn’t all just a dream after all.

(End of spoilers.)

I enjoyed both movies and recommend you all to go and see Click.

Also put a lot of time in my website, which now finally has some content again, and with a design I made quite a while ago but only ran on my computer locally and never made it to online because of server trouble. I really appreciate your comments and thoughts on it. Also updated my CV; thanks much to my dad and ‘Sori for their helpful comments.

And yesterday it was Friday the 13th, and Slashdot mentioned that it was a very special Friday the 13th because “all the numbers in the numerical notation — 10/13/2006 — add up to 13 as well, giving great pause to the superstitious.” Also, New Moon‘s Heliopolis was infested by zombies and paralysing ghasts again, and the top of the wizlist was worth noting too: Lucent’s level (high as it is) ended with 13, and Rolgar’s level’s individual numbers added up to 13. Spooky.

S Level mG Name                                     Race      of the    Idle Ed
   1113  M Lucent Aerandir                          half-ogre Draconians   0
    823  M Rolgar, Indolent Indigent                elf       Academy      0

Then, some links I found last week and found interesting:

Stiff asks, great programmers answer

I quote:

“I try not to predict the future. I’m not a big believer in fortune telling. The best way to predict the future is to implement it.” –David Heinemeier Hansson

That’s so geeky.

The Personal Injury Warning System

Awesome site. Also notice the simple, effective design. I like that very much and try to do the same on my website.



Finally, some very nice comics from XKCD (thanks to Erin for the website):






Donald Knuth


Centrifugal Force

I wish you all a good weekend. =)


By arne on Thursday, 19 October 2006 at 23:35:

‘Sudo make me a sandwich’ is inderdaad *erg* grappig :) , had ‘m laatst ook al ontdekt.

By mr skin on Friday, 27 October 2006 at 19:36:

Did anybody think Flightplan was very similar to Panic Room? Jody did an excellent job in both, but the movie plots seemed nearly identical.

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