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Posted on Sunday, 01 October 2006 at 05:05.

Last Monday I went to the Carrefour and bought a Luis Royo poster and an awesome red lantern. When I got home and took the plastic off the poster, I noticed it was badly damaged. :-( (See the white things on the right side of the poster?) So on Tuesday I went back to the Carrefour to show the lady, but for some stupid reason I’d thrown away my receipt. She could only help me if I could produce my receipt. I told her I’d paid with my bank card, and she replied that if I told her the exact amount of money I’d paid and on which day I’d made the purchase, she might be able to recover my receipt. So I called home and asked my sister to check online what the exact amount was and gave the lady the information. She told me she was going to try and get a copy of the receipt, and that she wasn’t going to be able to do it right away and to come back tomorrow.

In the afternoon, after class, I checked the waste bin in which I had thrown the receipt, but sadly it had already been emptied. So on Wednesday I went back to the Carrefour again, and she had my ticket! However, she didn’t have another Luis Royo poster in stock, so it was either my money back or keep the damaged poster. I chose the latter. *sniffles*

Maybe I’ll buy another poster and let it overlap the damaged poster’s right side to hide it.

Finding the small candlelights that go into my lantern proved harder than expected. The Carrefour only had coloured and/or scented ones, and I wanted the simple standard ones. On Friday I went downtown to pick up my bus card and went looking for the candles again. After some searching I found a small shop selling all sorts of candles and yay! they had them. 10 cent each, and I bought 10. Back outside in the rain (yeah, Braga is either hot sunshine or cold, wet rain) I realized that I didn’t have anything to light the candles with, so I bought a lighter in a random shop, too.

When I got in the bus back to my dorm, my bus card didn’t work. :-( I’d been chatting with a Portuguese lady who also spoke German and she talked to the bus driver, and it appears that I can’t use my card until the 1st of October. I fear the EUR 5.20 I paid was for the card only, and that I have to charge it for individual months. I should’ve known.

On a happier note, I finally have full internet access in my room! No more firewalls, so I can use SSH and SCP and IMAP and SSL and everything I need to work on my website, read my email or do my job. Whoo! The wireless connection tends to be somewhat unreliable, though.

On Wednesday I met my so-called Madrinha Erasmus, a person assigned to me by the university who can help me around and ‘blend in’ with the Portuguese students. We had lunch and had a pleasant conversation. She recommended I go to Ber Ber, a Morocco-style bar in the city center. An excellent suggestion; I went there with two girls from my Portuguese class, both from Poland (on the left) and Laurynas and Lina (Lithuania), and I loved the atmosphere in there. The cha quente (hot tea) was way too sweet, though. But the banana-cinnamon milkshake was very good.

Other than that I’ve just been following classes and trying to take it easy. I’ve been doing way too much walking, lately. Today was mostly spent in my room chatting, tweaking my blog and downloading album artwork into iTunes 7. I found a nice gallery plugin for WordPress, and also managed to get Lightbox (the panel that appears when you click a picture) working. For the most part. For some obscure reason, the “hello! I’m loading the picture” icon doesn’t disappear when the picture finished loading on the single post pages. It works fine on the overview page, though.

So. Tomorrow (or today actually…) is a Sunday, which I’ll probably spend finishing an assignment for Distributed Systems class and fixing the Lightbox bug. And I’m going to try and find a tasty pizza in the evening, since the canteen is closed on Sundays. Mmmhm. I haven’t had any pizza in a while.


By caty on Monday, 09 October 2006 at 14:59:

I see that you took mt advice on the tea room…
hope you likes it!!!
Lot’s of exames this week next week I’ll see you at the erasmus dinner?
1 hug :P

By Martijn on Monday, 09 October 2006 at 15:35:

Good luck on your exams! You’ve figured out which and where, I suppose?

I loved it Ber Ber. =) The atmosphere and milkshakes were great!

Erasmus dinner? Certainly! Yes, one hug. =)

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