Posted on Wednesday, 20 September 2006 at 02:41.

Whoo! Yesterday was my first class: Portuguese. Our teacher is a young, cute Portuguese woman called Sara. It turns out that Portuguese, just like ancient Latin and Greek, has different forms for the verbs for all 6 persons. And whoo! you can leave out pronouns: both “eu sou” and “sou” mean “I am”. The problem is that the pronounciation is very difficult: sometimes m’s are pronounced n’s, and almost all vowels sound different than any language I know. Ah well, it only adds to the value of learning Portuguese.

And today I had my first class of distributed systems, about sockets and server sockets. Something I learned four years ago. I hope it’s just a slow start.

There’s some kind of thing going on at university. People dressed in black capes and graduation-like hats. A tradition at the beginning of the study year, it seems.

Again, you have to be rather patient in Portugal. I wanted to get a specific bus ticket today, so I spent half an hour waiting for the social services office to open, then half an hour for the woman’s colleague to arrive (only he could help me), only to be told that I should go to the city center, which is half an hour’s walking away. And worse, I still don’t have internet access in my room. Sigh.

Random fact of the day: whenever you want to lock a Portuguese door, turn the key the other way you expect you should turn it. Except when you’re in McDonald’s.

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