Posted on Saturday, 16 September 2006 at 02:38.

Saturday! Peter (in blue), an exchange student from Hungary, was so kind to drive us (Elena in brown and later in orange, Lina in yellow, Laurynas in green) to Porto, where we had a lot of fun. We first went to the beach, where the others waded in the water (pictures 1-7). After getting something to drink, we spent about 30-60 minutes driving, past the Casa da Musica and a series of impressively built bridges. Then we went to the beach again, but this time there was a breakwater which we walked on (pictures 8-11). The waves crashing against it were awesome, and I had to be careful with my camera. Then we went to the center of Porto and parked the car somewhere. At about 16h we ate at a buffet in ChiAdo in the Shopping Cidade do Porto. For some of us it was lunch, for others it was dinner. I bought some candy at Doce Mania (in the same shopping center). All the candy was neatly aligned! The girl on the picture was putting the pieces in one by one. (Pictures 12-14.)

We walked through Porto a bit, passing through a beautiful garden (pictures 15 and 16), until we found an expensive-looking port wine ‘shop’ where you could buy bottles but also sit down and drink single glasses. We did the latter, enjoying the beautiful view until well after sunset (pictures 17-20), having toast and cheese with the port. I also had a cocktail with the original name Portonic.

I think it was Elena who suggested we go to the cinema — she had seen one in the shopping center. However, it turned out that although the Portuguese subtitle movies instead of dubbing them (whoo), all movies were either spoken in Portuguese, French or Spanish. Ah well.

After a cup of tea in the shopping center, we drove back home, which took about an hour. We transferred my pictures from the camera and looked at them, then went to bed.

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