Posted on Thursday, 14 September 2006 at 02:35.

This morning I had a meeting with Joao, discussing some courses. He introduced me to another teacher who will probably be teaching me formal programming methods. I made a list of all the courses I found interesting; now Joao is going to take a look at them and see which he thinks will be okay for me, considering most classes are in Portuguese. I’m seeing him again on Monday, before my first class (Portuguese language course — yay).

Then I went to the bookstore at the campus and bought a Portuguese-English dictionary. I also found a book on Photoshop Elements and The Java Programming Language, 4th edition on Java 5.0. Since I had to wait for about 1.5 hours for the international relations office to open, I spent that time reading.

At 13:30h I went to the office. They don’t open until 14h, but I expected it to be busy, and there were already about 6 other people waiting. Within 5 minutes, there were about 20 people waiting. When it was nearing 14h, Suzanna (the secretary) let us in and gave us numbered tickets. There were 30 (so they would only help 30 students today), and I had number 8. An hour later I had the right papers, now being an “official” student. They told me that on Monday I will get a password to use wireless access in my room. Yay. I guess. Cos this is Portugal.

Then I went to the sporting center to ask about chess, but they said they didn’t have a teacher yet so it wasn’t sure if the chess course would go through. Bummer. After that I took a bus home. Or thought it was going home. But I’m sure I took the wrong one, cos I ended up walking at least 15 minutes after I got out. Which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, cos I passed a shop where I bought some grapes and a banana. Yummy.

19:30h, time for dinner, down to the restaurant. We ended up with being a lot of people. See pictures. Then we went to the roof of the building and sat and talked and drank until one of the guards kicked us off. But by that time it was already past midnight, so most of us went to bed, including me.

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