Posted on Sunday, 10 September 2006 at 19:14.

Good morning! I slept reasonably well, waking up at 7 am local time. The sun is slowly rising, but it’s hiding behind an overcast sky. It’s slightly foggy and very slightly chilly. I walked to the roof of the building my dorm is in and took some pictures. The three white buildings on the right of the first picture are dorms as well. Also, the bar and the restaurant are there. In the bottom center is the guard house where I got my keys; it’s open 24/7.

In a nearby cafe I bought a small roll, and I wanted a cup of tea, but owner spoke only Portuguese and thought I wanted ice tea. After some trying he suggested a bottle of cold chocolate milk and I said okay. While eating I noticed big boxes of Lipton tea, and with some pointing and gestures I managed to get a cup of hot tea. :-)

My dorm is nice, mostly. It features a bed, a desk, some shelves, a closet, a single boiling plate, a sink, a shower and a boiler. I share a toilet with people in the same hall, and this morning I also found a kitchen, which is nice.


I just returned from the center of Braga. They have some beautiful old buildings there; I went to *the* cathedral (Sé) of Braga… inside is an absolutely stunning organ. I didn’t bring my camera cos I wanted to travel lightly, but I’m definitely going back there, with camera, to take pictures. Then I had dinner at McDonald’s near the big fountains (which are worthy of a picture as well). The fanta was a chemical, poisoinous, very bright orange. They also had McFlurry Solero Tropical and Kitkat… mhm, I’ll have to try those some time.

On the way back home I found a small supermarket where I bought some soap and a big 5 litre thing of water. Remind me to take a bag or something with me next time.

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