To Braga!

Posted on Saturday, 09 September 2006 at 14:39.


My trip to Braga went fine, fortunately. At 13:30h I went to Schiphol airport together with my sisters and parents. I had bought a plane ticket online, so I only had to show my passport. Unfortunately, my luggage was waaaay too heavy, and they charged 20 euros per extra kilogram. Thankfully, the lady was very kind and after some phone calls and removing my extra pair of shoes from my luggage, she said it was okay. Some hugs and goodbyes later I was walking to gate B10.

The plane was scheduled for departure at 14:35h, but it didn’t take off until 15:00h, because the cleaners were slow (or so they said). Pictures 1-7 show some views from the airplane. The second one was taken using a polarizing filter. Apparently a bad idea if you’re looking through an airplane window.

Two hours and fifteen minutes later we landed at Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, near Porto, Portugal. No problems with my luggage: my bulging, bright yellow suitcase appeared within a few minutes. I walked outside, looking for the AeroBus, but a man told me in German that the AeroBus didn’t drive in the weekends. Then a security guard helped me buy a subway ticket to Campanha, in the center of Porto (pictures 11 and 12).

I arrived in Campanha at around 17:45h local time (an hour earlier than in Amsterdam), bought a train ticket to Braga, bought a double chocolate muffin and a bottle of water and sat down, waiting for the train to arrive at 18:36h. (Pictures 13 and 14.) The train trip took over an hour. Two kind young women (sisters, it later turned out) next to me explained I needed to get off the train at the very last stop; they had studied at the Universidade do Minho too, and knew where I had to go. They even offered me to drive me to the Santa Tecla (where my dorm is)! I gladly accepted.

After showing me the university and dropping me off at Santa Tecla, we exchanged email addresses and said goodbye. I walked to the guard house, received my keys and dropped my luggage in my room. Finally. :-)

The restaurant was closed, but the bar was still open, and I bought a hot ham-cheese sandwich and a 1.5 L bottle of water. Then I cleaned my room and unpacked, took a shower and went to bed.

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